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32nd General Chapter Meeting

Chapter Group Photograph 2022

This year we have celebrated the 175th year of our foundation.  Our first General Chapter Meeting took place in Charlotte Street, Glasgow on 23rd July 1854 and in July this year (2022) we came together for our 32nd General Chapter.

Twenty-two sisters from Europe, Kenya, Nigeria, and Barbados, gathered in St. Mary’s Monastery, Kinnoull from 16th to 24th July to appreciate history and look forward with hope to the future.

In her Report to the Chapter, Sr. M. Louise (outgoing Superior General) drew a comparison between the first General Chapter and the Chapter of 2022.  There were many similarities, the greatest of which was surely the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Our charism has always been to answer the cry of the poor wherever we might be able to assist.  It is neither defined by nor enclosed by boundaries.  It is a living, evolving experience that for us has been adapting and growing since 1847.  We endeavour to read the signs of the times and answer the cry of the poor – spiritual or material.  We own a heritage for which we can be truly grateful.

With one eye on our humble beginnings and the good work achieved with God’s grace and guidance by our forebears, we look forward to facing the future in His name.